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Nilam Agro Chemicals is an insecticide supplier in India providing high-quality goods evaluated by our trained professionals according to different criteria. Our goods are made with modern equipment and technology, with advanced and superior technical ingredients. In addition, we store these goods securely and hygienically to prevent defects. Our company is based in Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

With the support of enormous industry expertise and business awareness, we provide our respected employer with a wide range of insecticides.

The substances for insect-killing are insecticides. They are ovicides and larvicides used for insect eggs and larvae. In the agricultural, medical, industrial and consumer sectors insecticides are used.

Pesticides are pesticides that formulate one or more insect species for killing, harming, repelling or mitigating them. There are various ways in which insecticides function. Certain insecticides interfere with the nervous system, while others may cause harm and repel or regulate their


Nilam Agro Chemicals is an agriculture fungicide supplier based in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Fungicides are organic biocidal agents or biological species used to destroy fungi or the spores of fungi. A fungistatic impedes their growth. Fungi can cause major damage to farming, leading to significant losses in yield, quality and benefit. Fungicides are used both in agriculture and to fight fungal infections in animals. Chemicals that are not fungi for oomycetes are also used as fungicides because oomycetes are infected by the same processes as fungus.

Fungicides could either contact, translaminar or systemic. Fungicides are pesticides that kill fungi and their spores or prevent them from growing. They can be used to monitor fungi, including roast, mildew and mildew, which harm plants. They may also be used in other environments to control mould and mildew. Fungicides function in many ways, but most damage fungal cell membranes or interfere in fungal cell energy generation. It is the most effective preventive control for insects and pests. We offer them, in a

Water Soluble Fertilizer

Nilam Agro Chemicals is one of the best water soluble fertilizer suppliers based in Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

Cultivated crops and crop economy are affected by a number of factors; effective use of soil nutrients and efficient use of nutrients are among the most significant. As they are readily soluble in water, the water-soluble (WSF) fertilizers are readily absorbed and used in other parts of the plant system by releasing vital plant nutrients in the root zone.

Water-soluble fertilizers aid fertilization, is easily soluble in water, by releasing vital plant nutrients in the root zone from which they are readily absorbed and used anywhere else in the plant system. It is also the most usual fertilizer to be used for the beginning or for the experienced gardener. Try it with your plants and see what incredible results you can also achieve by using water-soluble fertilizers properly.

The prescribed fertilizer dose can be decreased by 25-30 per cent with the use of WSF. Also on a regular basis, essential nutrients can be

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