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White Onion And All Its Goodness

Posted by Admin on July, 12, 2021

A cultivar of dry onion, white onion possess a profile of the light and mild flavour. The white onions contain a high level of sugar and a lower level of sulphur. The high sugar content doesn't allow this vegetable longer shelf life. White onions are mostly used in cuisines that are originated from Europe and Mexico.

Flavour Profile

White onion vegetable is used in dishes for its mild flavour. White onions provide a light, fresh and sour taste to dishes. It is also added in raw form to various salads and sandwiches. This is because these onions do not have a pungent and sharp smell like other onions. This onion variant after being chopped and soaked loses its astringency and adopts a relatively sweet flavour.

The low pungent and sweet flavour profile of white onion has made it versatile in its applications in food. White onion is selected for making stews as the light flavour of white onion does not overpower the taste of other elements in the dish. Due to the low astringency, this onion variant is used in making salsas. This onion is also very useful as an ingredient in fermented dishes like coleslaw because of the same reason.


For most of the white onion varieties, soil with a pH level of 6 to 7 is optimal. This range indicates the presence of zinc, iron and manganese in adequate amounts. White onion can be planted in multiple methods. They are as follows-

Onion Transplant: It is a method where growing seedlings are shifted and planted in one's domestic garden. Through this method, a yield of quick bulb growth is achieved. Though in this method, the onion plants are less resistant to diseases in maturity.

Onion Sets: This method complies with not letting a small onion bulb mature and then drying. After that, these bulbs are used in the next season which leads to the fastest growth of onion bulbs and in a much bigger size.

Onion Seeds: The organic white onion seeds can be planted in late Spring. This method takes a long time to grow, nearly 4 months for a fully matured bulb, but the onions hence produced are less prone to disease.

Health Benefits

Onions are inevitably used in culinary arts across the globe. It has the power of transforming the dullest dish into a tantalising one. The white onions are comparatively used less than the red onions, but they possess a number of health benefits.

  • Being packed with prebiotics and fibre, white onions provides nutrition to the gut bacterial and helps in bettering digestive health. This onion variant treats gastrointestinal woes and regulars bowel movements.
  • The white onion acts as a natural blood thinning agent and therefore improves blood circulation in arteries and veins. The blood thinning property also helps in preventing blood clotting.
  • The phytonutrients and antioxidants in white onion help diminishing triglycerides, combatting inflammation and lowers cholesterol levels and as a whole looks after the full cardiac function.
  • These onions help in having a sound sleep and therefore calms the mind and eases stress.
  • White onions also possess anti-bacterial properties that help to keep infections at bay.


Many companies in India manufacture and supply organic white onion seeds throughout the country. These companies mainly focus on supplying white onions seeds after processing them through current standards. These seeds ensure the germination of 70% and come with a generic purity of 98%.

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